We would like to pay tribute to a women’s group that has been around for over 25 years. Women for Aryan Unity was established in 1990. With the perseverance of several women they have survived through some changing times. Just like everyone that has survived through all these years and have seen MANY come and go, some of these women have remained steadfast in making sure their efforts remain standing.

We are not here to compete, but rather pay tribute and show our support. They have many programs you can contribute to; one being “Adopt A Brüder“. For over 14 years they have been sponsoring a program that sends financial and moral support to the Brüder Schweigen men that have been incarcerated.

Their endeavors are not limited to only the Brüders, but have sent much support to many imprisoned brothers AND sisters over the years. They have provided supporter/letters to some of our own sisters during their stay in the confined walls behind the wire. They also have children’s publications, books and a store you can visit as well.

While most of these women are international folk, that does not limit us from showing our support. They are some that have paved the way and doing what most do not, so in return we’d like to say thank you.
To Women for Aryan Unity,

From The Nationalist Women’s Front

Hail to our Folk!