– Byrd Trouble –

How many women reading this know the difference between a Skinbyrd and a Proud White Nationalist Woman? One has had a fringe in addition to what ever other commitments she’s made. Simple.

There are too many women out there that have been called a Byrd by another because of asumption, or claim to be a Byrd without never freshcutting, or receiving the traditional right of passage aka fringe.

I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people for years. Made every sacrifice that I came across with my head held high and had done more than most. But one thing I never had, was someone to take me under their wing and shave my head until a few years ago. It wasn’t until then, when I realized the TRUE meaning and feeling behind the importance of the fringe. It goes way beyond “the look” or a style, or a way of life. If you’re a woman who values your flowing locks of hair, cutting all that off is a sacrifice in itself.. It’s a right of passage. But how far are women willing to go to make that commitment? Most nowadays won’t make that sacrifice and take that right of passage because “they love their hair”, or “I would look funny”, or whatever their excuse is. I LOVED my hair, but I love my beliefs and dedication more. Not to mention, I cant stand growing my hair anymore lol funny how that turned out 😉


You can be a Proud Nationalist Woman without claiming to be a Byrd– it doesn’t make you any less of a person. What makes every woman a true woman (or man) is Honour, and knowing what you are without falsifying your status.  This is no different than claiming to be a combat veteran without ever having been in the military and sacrificing to EARN the title. Anything else would make you yourself appear fraudulent as well as minimizing the efforts of others who actually took the time to put in the work.

Nationalist Women’s Front is about uniting the 2, BUT we are also about education! And education also includes what women in the Movement/Scene claim themselves as, and how they present themselves. We know plenty of Nationalist Women who would lay down their lives for the sake of our folk, but they also know who they are and don’t claim to be anything but.

This article isn’t meant to demean or disrespect any women who have called themselves a Byrd without ever freshcutting or having a fringe, however, it is an eye opener to pave the way for the future women to know the difference and to stop this madness and bring back the RIGHTFUL tradition.