It has been known that 2 Sacramento Spartans have been arrested. 1 of them currently needing every one’s support to help fight the beast that is holding him in the dungeons for defending himself against a hoard of Antifa who’s sole purpose was to extremely hurt and injure anyone speaking out about free speech, last year at the Sacramento Rally; that was seen by everyone around the world. They were forced to defend their lives against the odds they faced.

The TWP (Traditionalist Workers Party) has put up a fundraiser that has gained a significant amount of support and we are so happy to know that we as a community can come together in a time of need and help defend a man who did absolutely nothing wrong. If you cannot financially support, you can still show support by either sharing the link, or letting the world know that he is unjustly being persecuted for defending his life.

Will Planner Defense Fund

We have also brought back Warriors Pride to donate our inventory and 100%  of the proceeds go towards his commissary or the fund. You can also donate or purchase raffle tickets on the side. The link to donate to this endeavor is listed at the bottom of the WP link.