It’s that time of year again for our annual Santa Project preperation! This is our 4th year of this fantastic endeavor that accepts submissions of a family that is going through a hard time during the holidays. 

If you know someone, a single parent or a mother and father who have kids in their care and could use some help, submit their story and ages of children to us and we will put them in a raffle to chose the winner of this year’s donations. (Chosen Dec. 10th)

This year we are deciding the submissions by raffle since the last few years have been decided on by vote. It has posed a rough decision for us involved in the voting process due to our want to help all submitted. So we are taking a new approach this year and its coming down to a raffle. 

We held a Yard sale over the last weekend with Kind Kindred donations and managed to raise $170 so far! This is the begining and we hope to hold another Yard sale in the near future and raise more so this next December will yield a great outcome and possibly add another family on to the recieving end. 

We are also taking monetary donations as well as items to be raffled at our NWF Friendsgiving Nov 18th. If you have an item to be donated so we may raffle it, please contact us at Raffle items must be submitted by Nov. 15th. You may also send monetary donations to the same email via PaPal.

If you have a submission of a family you would like to put up, please contact us at the same email. Winner of this year’s Santa Project will be chosen Dec. 10th. 

Thank you to all who have helped in the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. HAIL!

Dates to remember:

  • Raffle Items taken until Nov. 15th
  • Submissions For recipient taken until Dec. 10th
  • Monetary donations taken until Dec. 10th