NWF has the honor of hosting another yearly Friendsgiving and it was phenomenal. For those of you that are not aware, every year Nationalist Womens Front hosts an annual Friendsgiving that serves 2 purposes. We get together our friends and families as a homogeneous community is intended to, to feast and drink while paying homage to whatever we are thankful for.

The amount of support we are given is heartwarming as Friendsgiving also serves a purpose to raise funds for the Annual Santa Project. The Santa Project is a yearly endeavor to help a family that is going through difficult times. Whether its struggling financially, or a devastating illness or loss of a loved one. Whatever the situation is, none are exactly the same.

Every year our Friendsgivings get better and better. This year we had a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family at a lodge, kids running around and having a blast as it was a kid wonderland exploring and making memories. Yule ornaments were made by some of the kids as well as some other crafts were available for their entertainment. I’d also like to personally thank you know who for the laugh you gave us when you decided to take a HUGE bite out of the cutely decorated oven bake ornaments, thinking they were christmas cookies lol. To those of you reading, he said they “were the most disgusting cookies hes ever tasted” lol yes, because they were clay, and painted with paint lol! What a hoot!

The day of the event we had so many people join in on making the feast absolutely astonishing. We had numerous dishes prepared by NWF women and many other folks as well. We had homemade pies and pastries, to traditional dishes and of course our deep fried turkey that has been a thing of ours for a few years (it really is the best way to eat a turkey lol).

This event also had numerous people donate to the raffle that raises funds for the Santa Project. We had Max Resist cds, records, mead horn, Ironwill CDs and Warriors Pride items that all contributed to the raffle. Like every year, the generous donations make it possible for this endeavor.

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you that have contributed to helping this event, past events, and as well as attended in support for this friends and family gathering. The support means the world to us ladies, as well as the families/children we help every year.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for next year if you’d like to attend. The events are based in CA and they happen every year.