This year we had 5 submissions and on Nov 30th 2019 we held a vote. This is the part NONE of us like, it’s so hard to chose one or 2 out of all. Each submission has their own reasons why they were submitted and or why they were picked. It’s not an easy job.

But, we came down to 2 families. 5 kids total. As of now I will only post ages and gender in order to keep privacy. Those families have already been contacted and notified.

Family 1:

1 Girl

4 Boy

Family 2:

4 Boy

8 Girl

9 Girl

These families are either homeless or about to be homeless and we felt that they were deserving this season so that the children didnt go without.

We still have a raffle going for a package with a mead horn, ironwill cd and a bottle of mead. You can read more about it here:

Mead Horn Raffle