No service fee for black owned businesses and discounted rides for black owned business owners. Complete opposite of equality and discrimination to the fullest. I see articles of whites bowing down and apologizing for being white, washing the feet of blacks, hating their own race in the name of this false god of equality, teaching their kids to be ashamed of themselves because they are white and apologize to people who none on either side have had ANYTHING to do with Slavery in generations. Sad sad world we live in.

Thousands upon thousands of white farmers have been murdered in South Africa, speaking out against it wrong, racist and actually speaking up about anything that has to do with whites being victimized is considered racist. For years there has been media hiding the perpetrators races when they are black, but clearly putting the race if they are white. Silencing the truth and distorting facts, knock out games on whites…the list goes on and on. If anyone thinks for one second what is going on in this country, world is right or ok…then I think you need to do a little more research and open your eyes because while every other race is being promoted, colleges, discounts, free this and that, holidays, months of celebrations, special grant’s, special scholarships, affirmative action, programs that only help people of color…all in the name of this “equality” yet claim to be oppressed? Ha! What is equal about that? Equality is a false god. Imagine your daughter, your son, your mother, your father, brother, sister calling for an uber and get charged a fee because they are white, while blacks get free and discounted rates lol…what a joke society is! I will never apologize for being me, who I am or my children. They are going to be given a diseased world, with a dead western civilization.

Before you know it, we will be the new South Africa, we are pretty much already there.